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Harapan Island Getaway

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    2,255,000 IDR

    2 days

Trip Notes

Organized by MotivaTour

Save this trip, invite your buddies, and request for our best quote! You'll get cheaper rate per pax when traveling in group. 951,500 IDR/pax (min 2 people) 401,500 IDR/pax (min 10 people) == About MotivaTour == Beside providing package holiday service, MotivaTour is a trusted travel partner of schools, companies, government institutions, and other organizations. We organize gathering, outing, training and other customized events for small to large group of travelers (up to 1600 people). We focus in providing high quality service and customization according to customers' preference and desired output or goal. With over 7 years of experience in tourism service and trainings in major cities in Indonesia and abroad, we keep improving our quality of service to provide the best group travel and event experience.

Trip Cost Notes

Save more when you travel with more people! 400,000 IDR/pax (minimum 10 people) 950,000 IDR/pax (minimum 2 people)


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2,255,000 IDR

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